All levels at BSc, NFC, NC& Diploma 2023 Enrollment in progress.

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  • All NC, NFC enrollment for 2023 2nd Semester in progress. Face to face lectures resumed 22 May 2023 for all NFC, NC and Diploma HEXCO courses. Travelling date for NFC, NC and Diploma 2023 students was 21 May and opening date for BSC students will be advised in due course.
  • National Certificate 2022 HEXCO results out and ready for collection at the college.
  • National Foundation Certificate 2023 opening date was 22 May 2023, lectures commenced 22 May 2023.
  • National Certificate 2023 opening date is 22 May 2023, lectures commenced 22 May 2023.
  • Face to face Lectures in progress.
  • Paramilitary skills training, navigation & SMART training courses in progress.
  • Fees for the term or semester should be cleared through the Accounts Department by the beginning of each semester/ term.
  • Prevent covid 19, maskup, sanitize and practise social distancing.
  • NOTICE IS GIVEN BELOW: REGISTRATION OF CANDIDATES, HUNTING, LPH 2023 Email: [email protected] for August Course dates 2023 at ZIWC formerly Mushandike college…….. Please visit or contact the ZIWC accounts department for fees payments. Arrival date for LPH learners will be notified, the college bus will pick learners at the turnoff.
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